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May 11, 2012

I’ve struggled with the jet-lag the past few days, but I feel like things are going much better now! Sleeping until 3pm and not being able to sleep between 11pm and 6 am somehow doesn’t really work…

The only positive thing is that I will be on the same time schedule as my little sister, who I’ll be taking to and from graduation parties all weekend, and I have promised her to be the designated driver. She’s graduating high school, and for those of you who are not Norwegian, it’s a pretty epic experience here, and an insane party experience. The graduates are named “Russ”, and they (usually) wear these red pans which makes them pretty easy to spot (they also come in a few other colors). It’s a month long of partying which has been planned for all the years you are in high school (which is 3 years), and it’s definitely something you remember forever. The drinking age in Norway is 18, and you are 18/19 when you graduate, so there is obviously a lot of alcohol involved. There is a pretty funny “documentary” (ironic though, please don’t take all of it literally!) from Olso about it called Dexpidition, found here (in English).

In addition, here is a Youtube clip from one of the festivals arranged, located at Tryvann:

It feels good to be back at work, and to be back in a larger city! I live in Oslo during the summers, together with my boyfriend. I work for the largest nautical publisher in Norway, Nautisk Forlag AS, and do different computer/phone related tasks and provide support services to vessels that are customers of the company. Quite nice!

As I work at an office I was inspired to make a post about my dream work space, and I think the best way to show you is through pictures!

Isn’t it lovely?

Have a great weekend! ♥

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