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Ready, Set, GO!

May 8, 2012

I’m finally home!!!

It’s been a few amazing days, and since we’re going to be gone for the summer, we cut the Internet at our apartment a little early.

Friday was a great night – we partied like there was no tomorrow (true story).

Saturday I was pretty hungover, but I got stuff done, including packing, fixing my nails, and cleaning the apartment:

Sunday some of my friends graduated from college, and it was so much fun! The weather was AMAZING, and I really hope it gets just as good next year when it’s my turn!! I can’t wait to wear my cape and silly hat, get my diploma and see the proud faces of my parents! The outfit feels so American, and it’s something I’ve dreamt of since I probably watched my first American college movie.

After the ceremony we headed over to the apartment where one of my friends was staying, and as she is living with a few African girls, they had made an incredible African style buffet with different ethnic foods they had cooked together. It was so delicious!!!

Here’s a few pictures from our day:

Later that night we had a panic attack (literally!) as we somehow were misinformed about our flights back home, and we were supposed to have left with a flight 4 HOURS EARLIER. We went through 20 minutes of hell where we threw all the stuff we could find into our suitcases and drove to the airport in a rush. We hoped to get a flight the next morning, which was what we originally thought we had, but we brought our stuff just in case they would tell us that we needed to get on a plane in like 5 minutes. LUCKILY the guy at the desk was very understanding, and was able to get us tickets on the flight we originally thought we had. FOR FREE! Made my night. We went home exhausted, and went to sleep shortly after.

This morning we got on our flight, flew from Fargo to Minneapolis, Minneapolis – Amsterdam, and Amsterdam-Oslo with no problems along the way. It felt amazing to be home again! We are currently hanging out with a few friends, catching up with what has been going on the past semester over pizza and MTV’s Made. I’m trying to stay up as late as I’m able to, to get over the 7 hour time difference.

Work starts on Thursday already!

Have a good night! ♥


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