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A New Week Yields New Opportunities

June 18, 2012

Hello! ♥

I came home from work on Wednesday, and had never felt more tired!
Over night I caught both a fever and a cold, and both Thursday and Friday were spent in bed feeling sorry for myself.
However, for over two months now, me and my Norwegian college friends from the US had planned an event on Friday, and they were all coming to our place to barbeque, pregame and go to a David Guetta concert!
I managed to sit and enjoy the company while covered in blankets, and after taking a much needed power nap right before leaving, I was able to go. I even had a great time even though I was pretty sick!
My body wasn’t as happy with my decision to go though, so I felt like crap when we got home (before midnight).

Saturday I went back to my home town! It was the only weekend this summer that me, my brother and sister were able to be home at the same time, so my parents wanted me to come visit so that we could have 24 hours of quality family time. My mom prepared a delicious meal for us, and we ended up spending hours and hours just sitting around the table drinking wine, talking and laughing. ♥

Sunday I visited a few of my girlfriends before heading back to Oslo. Today I’m back at work, and I have a couple more days here before I head to Brazil. I hope I’m a 100% well by then!
I’m having a family dinner with my boyfriend’s side of the family tonight, and tomorrow I’ll be packing and cleaning clothes.
Wednesday will be my last night home, and I’m first having dinner with a girlfriend, before spending some quality time with my boyfriend.

You’ll hear from me in Brazil dolls! ♥

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