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May 31, 2012

Pictures from the Deadmau5 concert (part of the Ministry of Sound New Year’s celebration) in London in 2009/2010, taken by my talented friend Christer Egon Eckermann.

The concert yesterday was fun! I’m tired today, but I managed to get to work at noon. It’s nice to have a flexible job on days like these. To my pleasant surprise my sister skipped Justin Bieber to hang out with me, my boyfriend and our friends and go to the concert with us. It took us both FOREVER to get to the house after work though, all because of the Bieber chaos. Usually it takes about 30 min to get home (which I already think is a while), but 1.5 hours?! Seriously?! We drank fast and got dressed quickly before taking the bus back downtown. As with the Jay-Z concert, this one was over before midnight. Deadmau5 is always fun live, but for some reason there was no serving of alcohol at the concert, which made the crowd pretty lame. Definitely not the best Deadmau5 concert I’ve attended, but I still had great fun, as it all depends on what you make of it. We took the bus back to the Island around midnight, and ate the BEST BURGERS EVER. There’s nothing like fast food when you are drunk.

After work today I’m planning on going grocery shopping and making some delicious food with my boyfriend. Then my only plans for the night are to snuggle up against him on the coach and watch the final episode of Paradise Hotel.

Have a good day! ♥


1 in 3 get cancer. But everyone is affected.

May 31, 2012

Oh Summer Days ♥

May 30, 2012

I’ve had a few fantastic days with so much fun! Saturday morning I went to my aunt’s house in Drammen (about 30 min from Oslo) and the weather was so nice! First I met up with my mom, my aunt and their childhood girlfriends for a drink at Glass, which is a café/bar/restaurant at the harbor. Their scampi salad is delicious (just in case you were wondering), and that wasn’t the only good food we had over the weekend.

Shrimp is considered a must for summer around here, and I know from experience that how we eat shrimp here is different from the US. First of all, when you buy the shrimp you get the whole thing – heads included. They are usually pre-cooked and pink (and this has been done at sea, less than an hour after they have been caught). You peel them first, and then you prepare some nice slices of bread with butter, mayo, lemon and pepper (you can also use some dill on there). Sooo good!!

Sunday all I did was lying in the sun and did nothing, then at night we had a great barbeque. I love summer! ♥

Monday after breakfast I took the train back to Oslo and my boyfriend (we had Monday off for Pentecost). I barely got through the door before we spontaneously decided to join some friends of ours to go see Kanye West and Jay-Z live. We had a pretty fun pre-game (water balloons included) before heading to the concert around 7. Most of «Watch The Throne» was performed, in addition to highlights from their separate careers, from «Jesus Walks» and «Runaway» to «Izzo (H.O.V.A.)» and «Dirt Off Your Shoulder». In just about 2.5 hours they played nearly 40 hits, which was pretty impressive! I was surprised however, that we got home around midnight, and not later!

Tuesday I was pretty tired, but I did work from 9am-5pm. Afterwards, me and my boyfriend grabbed a pizza and chilled out, watching the newest episodes of Game of Thrones and Paradise Hotel.

Today I am back at work, but I have a pretty busy schedule today too! Not to mention that getting to the bus today is probably going to be a nightmare since Justin Bieber is in town! He’s giving a free, outdoor concert at the Opera House today, which is causing chaos. Even this morning when I walked to work at 7.30am there was a crowd lined up outside, waiting to get a glimpse of the superstar (who doesn’t get on stage before at least 4pm). I’d like to get a glimpse of him too though, and since my beautiful sister is coming to town to attend the event, I might just stick around for a little while after work.

However, I do have more exciting plans for tonight! You see, Justin Bieber, Jay-Z and Kanye are not the only stars in town – tonight Deadmau5 is having a concert as well, and I’m SUPER excited for that!! I’ve seen him live about 4 times before (first time in 2010), and I still can’t get enough. Not to mention that my boyfriend and I had our first kiss together right when Deadmau5 got on stage at midnight on New Year’s Eve in 2010 (♥). Obviously you’ve got to love him. I think we’ll even name our cat after his cat when we get one (not entirely my decision, however). We’re pre-gaming early, so there is just not that much time available for Justin today. I bet he’d be sorry for that.

What are you doing today?   

The 10 Steps to Workout Happiness

May 25, 2012

These steps are as much for me as they are for you! Once in a while I need that little extra kick to get off the coach, and since I’ve been sick the past few days, I really need some motivation to get started again. So here we go, my 10 things to get us off the coach:

1. Change your mindset

Workout can be fun if you make it so! Try to think that every Monday yields new opportunities. If you kick-start every week, you will feel motivated to continue. (I always have my personal trainer sessions on Mondays!). Your mentality is key to success, and you need to continuously think that you CAN and you WILL! Turn negatives into positives! Don’t think of workouts as exhausting and awful, focus on why you do it, and all the good things it does to your body. Don’t make excuses to not work out – if you’re spending 30 min on the computer right now, you’re damn sure you have 30 min of your time for a workout as well! Change takes time, so be patient and KEEP GOING. You have no idea how many times I’ve just wanted to quit because I haven’t seen the progress I wished for, but do you know what? You will only see progress if you KEEP PUSHING. A workout is a great example of what you put into it, is what you get back from it. Think about the great feeling of accomplishment when you are done with a workout! You always regret the ones you don’t do, but never the ones you do!

2. Set clear goals

Make sure you know what you are working towards. I usually don’t think a number on a scale is enough, nor is it particularly healthy. That number isn’t telling you your worth! Work out to better your chances at a long, happy and healthy life. Work out to be comfortable in your own skin, to feel energetic and strong. Work out to boost your confidence and your self-esteem. Workout to limit and/or prevent disease or pains in your body.  You can also set more specific goals, such as working towards a competition, race or run. Remember that you are competing against yourself, and it is YOU that you have to focus on. Don’t give yourself unattainable goals (just like the rhino here), because you are not working out to feel miserable about yourself, you are working out to develop habits and love for being active, happy and healthy.

3. Invest in some nice workout clothes and shoes

Sometimes some new colors or a new workout outfit can be what you need to get renewed energy to work out. Check out my little inspirational board below for some inspiration:

4. Music is the Answer

Often when I’m not motivated, all I really need is some sweet new hits on my playlist. I usually use Spotify, as I find it very convenient for 10 dollars a month. I listed some of my favorite songs not so long ago, and the playlist can be found here. Music can do so much to the mood, and if I have a good playlist, I usually work out longer. It’s a definite go to for an energy boost!

5. Find some fun activities, recruit a friend!

There are so many activities to try and endless opportunities when it comes to activities! I often find it more effective to be active when I workout with a friend (let’s face it – you must try to be better than your friend!) and it is often much more fun! Try something new, like zumba, Pilates, yoga, sensual dance, couple dance, capoeira, volleyball, kick-boxing, pole dancing, swimming, bandy, handball, tennis, squash, etc, etc… Find something you are comfortable with, but still challenging enough so that it becomes a good workout.

6. Find other tools or other likeminded to get motivated

Join a sports club or work out tracking program online that promotes health and work out. I for example, have a Fitbit which tracks my activities. In addition, lose it is a great website to track your meals and activities. If you still struggle with motivation, perhaps a few personal trainer sessions will get you going?

7. Daily Activities

There are several habits in your daily life that you can change to get some extra daily exercise. Take your bike to work/school, walk those stairs instead of taking the elevator, mow your lawn, take your kids out to play and actually play with them! Ask a friend to go for a walk, maybe to go grocery shopping? In Norway I’ve even seen little groups of moms with strollers who work out together in the park! NO EXCUSES!

8. Don’t forget your diet!

I know you’ve heard it before, but you can’t expect results if you go work out, then binge eat right after. I like the quote “what you eat in private, you wear in public”. Rose has a great post on food tips, and I like her 80/20 rule. 80 percent healthy, 20 percent treats. Cutting everything is unrealistic and doesn’t necessarily make you any happier, so a nice quota helps a lot! I really like Rose’s charts as well, and think they give you a good image of when to eat and when to stop:

9. Keep track of your progress!

I found this inspirational image via hot mess princess. In addition to Lose it, what about putting a dollar in a jar for every workout, and after – let’s say 10, then 20, then 30 etc – you buy yourself something nice? Have you seen all the cool pictures out there of people who have gone through impressive body changes? You could do the same: make before and after pictures in 6 months or a year or so. Then there is hot mess princess’ idea. Keep marbles in a jar, and remove them one by one as you lose weight. For those who don’t enjoy pictures of themselves, a jar is perhaps a kinder alternative.

10. Award yourself

It’s important to award yourself for every milestone you make. It could be anything really, like a spa treatment (could be at home!), a pedicure, a new haircut, a pair of shoes, a date with your boyfriend/girlfriend/friends. I actively try to avoid food for this one, as I don’t see it as a good thing to award yourself with binging or sweets. If you’re trying to lose weight, awarding yourself with food is not the way to go. Food should be a natural part of your daily life, something you enjoy, but it shouldn’t be an award for your hard work. Think of something social to treat you with instead!

Now, I don’t expect changes to happen overnight, and progress takes time. The important part is to start, and work towards a better you – inside and out! The goal is to better how you feel about yourself and help you be as happy and healthy as you can be!


Do you have any tips? 

May 23rd

May 23, 2012
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I’ve been home sick today as well, but hopefully I’ll be back at work tomorrow.

Not much has been done around here today, but my boyfriend and I made some lovely evening food:

mmm, Norwegian crabs ♥ everyday joy!

Hope you have a good night!


My Norway

May 22, 2012
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I’m at home being  sick today, but I dared myself to take a tiny walk outside as the weather is perfect. Apparently it will stay like this all week!

I snapped a few pictures for you so that you could actually see how beautiful it is around here!

These were taken at 6pm in 24 °C, just saying!

Now I’m probably going to try to get some more sleep or watch a movie with my boyfriend (who is nice enough to take care of me when I’m not feeling well ♥). Hopefully I’ll get better by morning!

Enjoy the rest of your day, beautiful strangers! ♥

Visit from Abroad

May 21, 2012

One of my friends from the US has been studying in the UK over the past semester, and she wanted to come visit before heading back to the States, hence my absence the past week. We were able to time it perfectly with May 17th, which is our constitutional day in Norway. I guess, according to my friend after the experience, it’s a little like the 4th of July celebration, but the 4th of July is a little more relaxed. I must say that we probably had a hectic schedule that day compared to average Norwegians our age, but this was of course so that my friend got such a complete experience as possible (perhaps our schedule could be compared to that of families with little children, who usually have a lot to do, as it’s a dedicated to the children). On May 17th, many my age basically walk from one champagne party to the other, however, as kids we all attended the parade that takes place in every city and town. Norway is unique in the sense that we have children’s parade instead of i.e. military parades. May 17th 1814, our constitution was signed, and there has been a celebration annually ever since.

We started our day by walking to the castle in Oslo to see the parade and the King and Queen of Norway waving at the children in the parade. Most people wear a bunad, which is a very traditional piece of clothing. There are many different types, depending on which part of the country you or your family is from.

We had “soft is” (resembles the flavor and texture of cool whip, but it’s sold in a cone or cup, just like frozen yogurt). Lots of hot dogs (wiener pølser) and the soft drink Solo. My friend loved all of it, and just like my previous visitors from abroad she thought the food here is very flavorful and creamy! Creamy ice-cream, creamy chocolate, creamy  brunost/brown cheese (can be found at Hornbachers – at least  in Minnesota – called ski cheese gjeitost) etc.. We ate other stuff too that I think tastes better in Norway (at least compared to inland Minnesota!) such as shrimp, salmon (salma laks), real Italian style pizza, strawberries, multigrain bread, just to mention a few things… : )

We only stayed in Oslo on Thursday, and headed to my hometown outside Lillehammer the same night. It was really nice to see my parents and my sister again for the first time in four months!! Friday me and my friend went exploring the city, had more soft is, and she was able to try some moose sausage and reindeer sausage at a market! She preferred the moose, which is what I do too : )

Friday night we watched “KeinOhrHasen”, a German movie that is hilarious (recommend it if you want to watch something foreign!). Saturday we had a Spa day with a sauna before attending the Glava Tour of Norway (Norway’s “Tour de France”) and watching the local hero Edvald Boasson Hagen win stage 4 of the race (Hamar-Lillehammer). Such an atmosphere and a great crowd!

My boyfriend arrived with the train around five that day as well, and as wonderful as he is he had brought me roses! ♥ So cute : ) Later that night we went to my friend’s house and had a pre-game there before going out. We danced like crazy all night, and it was so much fun! To top it off we ran into Tommy, from the Norwegian TV show Paradise Hotel. He’s also a local, and he was actually my best friend’s classmate in High School, so we’ve been to a few parties together in the past, before he was “famous”. What was so fun was that my friend and I had watched an episode of the show Thursday May 17th, so she recognized him as well and got to take a picture with him

Sunday morning we got up early, and went back to Oslo. We ate lunch in the incredible weather at Villa Paradiso (they have awesome pizzas!!), went to the Opera House and some tourist shops to get some souvenirs. We went back to where we live and chilled for a few hours before I drove my friend to the train station.

Today I’m back at work, and two of our Norwegian friends from the US are coming to pick us up at five. We’re probably going to barbeque at our house, before watching a new episode of Game of Thrones! I’m addicted to that show..

Enjoy the rest of your day! ♥