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May 31, 2012

Pictures from the Deadmau5 concert (part of the Ministry of Sound New Year’s celebration) in London in 2009/2010, taken by my talented friend Christer Egon Eckermann.

The concert yesterday was fun! I’m tired today, but I managed to get to work at noon. It’s nice to have a flexible job on days like these. To my pleasant surprise my sister skipped Justin Bieber to hang out with me, my boyfriend and our friends and go to the concert with us. It took us both FOREVER to get to the house after work though, all because of the Bieber chaos. Usually it takes about 30 min to get home (which I already think is a while), but 1.5 hours?! Seriously?! We drank fast and got dressed quickly before taking the bus back downtown. As with the Jay-Z concert, this one was over before midnight. Deadmau5 is always fun live, but for some reason there was no serving of alcohol at the concert, which made the crowd pretty lame. Definitely not the best Deadmau5 concert I’ve attended, but I still had great fun, as it all depends on what you make of it. We took the bus back to the Island around midnight, and ate the BEST BURGERS EVER. There’s nothing like fast food when you are drunk.

After work today I’m planning on going grocery shopping and making some delicious food with my boyfriend. Then my only plans for the night are to snuggle up against him on the coach and watch the final episode of Paradise Hotel.

Have a good day! ♥

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