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Oh Summer Days ♥

May 30, 2012

I’ve had a few fantastic days with so much fun! Saturday morning I went to my aunt’s house in Drammen (about 30 min from Oslo) and the weather was so nice! First I met up with my mom, my aunt and their childhood girlfriends for a drink at Glass, which is a café/bar/restaurant at the harbor. Their scampi salad is delicious (just in case you were wondering), and that wasn’t the only good food we had over the weekend.

Shrimp is considered a must for summer around here, and I know from experience that how we eat shrimp here is different from the US. First of all, when you buy the shrimp you get the whole thing – heads included. They are usually pre-cooked and pink (and this has been done at sea, less than an hour after they have been caught). You peel them first, and then you prepare some nice slices of bread with butter, mayo, lemon and pepper (you can also use some dill on there). Sooo good!!

Sunday all I did was lying in the sun and did nothing, then at night we had a great barbeque. I love summer! ♥

Monday after breakfast I took the train back to Oslo and my boyfriend (we had Monday off for Pentecost). I barely got through the door before we spontaneously decided to join some friends of ours to go see Kanye West and Jay-Z live. We had a pretty fun pre-game (water balloons included) before heading to the concert around 7. Most of «Watch The Throne» was performed, in addition to highlights from their separate careers, from «Jesus Walks» and «Runaway» to «Izzo (H.O.V.A.)» and «Dirt Off Your Shoulder». In just about 2.5 hours they played nearly 40 hits, which was pretty impressive! I was surprised however, that we got home around midnight, and not later!

Tuesday I was pretty tired, but I did work from 9am-5pm. Afterwards, me and my boyfriend grabbed a pizza and chilled out, watching the newest episodes of Game of Thrones and Paradise Hotel.

Today I am back at work, but I have a pretty busy schedule today too! Not to mention that getting to the bus today is probably going to be a nightmare since Justin Bieber is in town! He’s giving a free, outdoor concert at the Opera House today, which is causing chaos. Even this morning when I walked to work at 7.30am there was a crowd lined up outside, waiting to get a glimpse of the superstar (who doesn’t get on stage before at least 4pm). I’d like to get a glimpse of him too though, and since my beautiful sister is coming to town to attend the event, I might just stick around for a little while after work.

However, I do have more exciting plans for tonight! You see, Justin Bieber, Jay-Z and Kanye are not the only stars in town – tonight Deadmau5 is having a concert as well, and I’m SUPER excited for that!! I’ve seen him live about 4 times before (first time in 2010), and I still can’t get enough. Not to mention that my boyfriend and I had our first kiss together right when Deadmau5 got on stage at midnight on New Year’s Eve in 2010 (♥). Obviously you’ve got to love him. I think we’ll even name our cat after his cat when we get one (not entirely my decision, however). We’re pre-gaming early, so there is just not that much time available for Justin today. I bet he’d be sorry for that.

What are you doing today?   

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