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The Summer Dream

May 16, 2012

There are so many wonderful things to do in the summer, and there are so many things on my bucket list that I want to do for summer. I thought I’d share a few with you! Maybe you have done some of them?

I really want to host a backyard oyster shucking + champagne party, possibly with some beautiful string lights in the backyard for impromptu al fresco dining. I love party-planning (probably why my Pinterest board is so packed!) and I have so many awesome ideas for so many parties all year around!

I’d like to take tennis lessons! My boyfriend and I played a little in the US before we went home (nothing serious). And I really want to get to the stage where it really becomes a great workout. The summer is the perfect season for sweaty outdoor sports, and getting a nice tan while being active would be the perfect combo.

I really want to take a cooking class of some sort. How to prepare delicious summer seafood, pasta, salads.. You name it! The dream would be to take such a class somewhere in Italy together with a wine tasting seminar and lots of sun and sea.

I also want to try a new hairstyle, either cut it short, get some waves or dip dye my ends in a crazy color! It’s probably not happening this summer though.. As I’m going back to Brazil this summer I thought I’d save my long blonde hair, as so many of my Brazilian friends would die for it (haha).

I really want to go to a drive-in movie theatre. It’s mostly just for the experience, it doesn’t really matter what movie it is. I’ve been to an outdoor theatre before, but never to a drive-in, and I thought it would be really romantic if me and my boyfriend could borrow his dad’s MG, and just go somewhere! Maybe even make it into a spontaneous weekend trip someplace I’ve never been.. That would be fantastic! ♥

What are your bucket list dreams and goals for summer? 

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