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I work out!

April 20, 2012

Hi guys!

Today has been a long, but nice day! I started out with an exam this morning, then I did homework and hung out with some friends at school till about 4 before heading to Dining Services and having dinner there. I usually don’t eat at school as I find their healthy selection rather poor, so I prefer making dinner myself. However, once in a while it’s OK to make an exception, and I can’t say no when such nice friends invite us to stay. ♥ I lived on campus my first semester here, and ate in the Dining Services at school three times a day, everyday. I gained so much weight!! I’ve probably never been bigger than after my first year here in America.

I used to be very active (almost fanatic, actually) and loved to work out,  and my favorite sport is Handball, which I’ve played for many, many years. However, I guess handball is sort of a European thing (?), because where I live now they’ve never even heard of it! As handball wasn’t an option, I struggled to find the motivation to work out by myself over longer periods. So; with little exercise and bad food habits, it’s quite obvious what the results were. I think the worst part about it was how depressing it was to see pictures of myself and comparing them to what I used to look like, and also when a lot of my clothes started getting too small.

Pinned ImageIn November last year however, I decided things had to change. I was the one making myself depressed, so I had to be the one to pull myself out of the misery and make myself happy! Only I could be the one to push myself, my  mentality and  my efforts. It was damn hard at first, but it was most definitely worth it. I joined a gym here and invested in a personal trainer to get my motivation going. For me that helped a LOT, but I can definitely see why many would consider it a too expensive luxury. I was lucky to get squeezed in on a promotion, and as it was much cheaper than what I would have paid in Norway I considered it a great investment in myself, and I haven’t regret it ever since! A very good alternative however is to get a friend to join you, which is obviously much cheaper and can be just as fun and motivating.  I started taking Zumba classes too, and my weekly workout schedule had  my PT lessons on Mondays for a kick-off start every week, and Zumba on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I would also start running on a threadmill once or twice a week and go swimming (my apartment building has a pool).

I was lucky to also get additional motivation from other sources. My parents invited me to go back to Brazil for a month this summer, and that will be my first visit back since I lived there five years ago! I’m super excited to go back, meet my friends and see my old neighbourhood etc,  and it gave me a time-frame and goal to work for. I obviously want my old friends to see me looking smashing after all these years, and I want to feel comfortable in my own skin!

Pinned Image

I do a lot of strength training during my PT lessons, and shaping, toning and more muscles

have been the results, and I love it! My wish is not to get super skinny, I just really want to be really fit, healthy and happy! There’s noting sexier than that I think.

After moving off campus I eat a lot healthier, and I love cooking. My boyfriend and our room-mate might be a little sick of all the stuff I try to force them to eat (haha), but mostly I think they like it too. My greatest challenge however, is to have us eat enough fish. Fish is a big part of the Norwegian diet, but since I live in inland Midwest, delicious, fresh seafood is hard to come  by! ; ) We also enjoy going out to eat once in a while or have a glass of wine on a regular day, though. I have developed a weakness for sushi, and Norwegian chocolate is, and always will be, my favorite. ♥

I guess my new challenges will be to be even a little stricter to my sweet-tooth, and increase my amount of workout even more. My butt and arms are my greatest achievements so far, and I enjoy having much more energy and not having to be depressed about my body!

Now I’m planning on watching a movie with my boyfriend. Tomorrow our school has it’s annual Cornstock, a festival, which probably is going to mean a lot of alcohol for us over age.

Sunday we are doing homework and hopefully we’ll also manage to squeeze in a tennis session as well. I’m also meeting up with another Norwegian girl to play some handball too, yay!!!

I hope you have a lovely weekend!!♥

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