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Pretty Tuesday

April 17, 2012

Last night was hectic! I had one meeting after another and ended the night with the third episode of Game of Thrones together with some friends and home-made shrimp and pineapple pizza that my boyfriend made. So good! We’ve made it our ritual to meet up every Monday to watch Game of Thrones and eat dinner. It’s so nice!

And today; it’s a beautiful day, isn’t it?

I started my day off with a presentation this morning (that went well, btw), then I had two more classes until 4.20 before heading home.

My teacher sent us an email saying that our exam was postponed until Friday, and a paper due Saturday morning was cancelled. Fantastic! My week just became so much more relaxed : )

To make things even better; my boyfriend surprised me by cleaning our entire apartment + doing laundry, so I could simply relax on the coach. Since he was being so nice I wanted to do something for him too, so I made us a two course dinner:

For starters we had some fresh avocado, some cold, marinated shrimp and tasty sour cream dressing, and as the main course we had roasted tenderloin with flavorful Bearnaise sauce and yummy asparagus, (with some chilled wine to drink on the side, of course).  mmm… delicious!!!

I love everyday romance ♥

Now I’m thinking of spending some time reading about the July 22nd trial taking place in Norway at the moment, before me and my boyfriend will watch a documentary in bed.

I hope you have a good night!

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