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Sleepy Sunday

April 15, 2012

I hope you’ve enjoyed your weekend!

We did go see Titanic on Friday, and it was just as good as I remembered it. Me and my friend held hands hand cried like babies. I hate that the movie ends while still having you captured in the state of an emotional wreck, so by the time the lights come on everyone sees how much you’ve cried haha. Oh well.

Saturday I did what I probably do best. Nothing! Absolutely nothing, and it felt good. I woke up at 1 pm (classic college student’s Saturday morning) and wasted hours on the Internet and in front of the TV. I was supposed to do homework and clean the house, but no. Finally, at like 7 pm I started getting ready for a night out, and at 8.30ish some friends came over and we had a fun pre-game before hitting the bars. It was sooo fun and I danced my ass off!  By the time the bar closed I was soaked in sweat. We went to an after-party for a little while before me and my boyfriend started walking back to our apartment. When we finally arrived back home we were starving and started to prepare chicken, pork tenderloin and some side salad and watched Luksusfellen (a Norwegian TV show called the Luxury Trap) while sobering up.

This morning I actually didn’t feel to bad (just tired) and I Skyped with my siblings and parents back in Norway before breakfast. We ate my favorite; multi-grain bread (from Breadsmith) with avocado, Homeland hard salami and mayo. mmm….

At 3pm I had a group meeting that lasted till 5.30, then I met up with a friend to talk about last night’s adventures. I picked up some dinner from Pancheros Mexican Grill for me and my BF, and right now I just finished up my last homework. The rest of the night I am planning to cuddle up next to my boyfriend and watch a movie. ♥

Enjoy your evening!

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