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Almost Easter

April 2, 2012

Sorry for being distant the past few days!

Did you remember earth hour on Saturday? I wanted to remind you, but I completely forgot! At least I turned off my lights, but I was disappointed by how few did the same around where I live…

I have been busy all weekend, and today we had the first day of our fundraiser! It was somewhat successful, but I hope we collect even more donations tomorrow. Here are a few pictures from the process and some from our stand at the college today:

We tried to have an Easter theme since our break is only two days away. We made Norwegian waffles with sour cream and strawberry jam (it’s actually delicious!), Norwegian sweet buns (boller) with Norwegian Gjetost cheese (brunost) (A brown goat cheese with a caramel flavor to it), and we made cookies and brownies as well. For every item bought people got to pick an Easter egg which had a note in it  saying whether or not they won a prize.

All donations are going towards the St. Paul based organization Friends of Africa Education, and it remains to see how much the rest of our class managed to raise for their organizations!

This evening some friends came over and we watched the first episode of Game of Thrones season 2 together (so excited for more!!) and had some great pizza that my boyfriend made. I have been doing homework since four o’clock, and will spend another 20 minutes or so now reading for an Economics quiz that I have tomorrow, then I’ll probably be going to bed.

Hope you have a good night! ♥

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