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Effective Sunday

March 25, 2012

Thought I’d start the post with some inspiration! I’m looking forward to summer already! (photos via Pinterest).

Nothing feels as good as the satisfaction of being effective and getting things done! Our apartment is now shiny, closets are cleaned, clothes are in the dryer, and I managed to jot all the things I need to get done down in my calendar. Not just for the week, I’ve planned what I need to do until the last day of my semester, including homework, exams and workouts. In only six short weeks I’ll be home for the summer. Norway here I come!

The weekend has been good. We were ten people going to see the Hunger Games on Friday, and I thought it was pretty good – on a scale from 1 to 10, perhaps a 7.6 – and I think most of the others felt the same. Some of the guys who were expecting Battle Royale were a little disappointed though, as the fighting scenes between the children were “chaotic” in the sense that you most of the time didn’t really see them killing each other (I didn’t mind that though!!).

Yesterday and today me, my boyfriend and three of our friends had a Games of Thrones marathon to refresh our memory of season 1. Season 2 comes out on April 1st and I’m so excited! Season 1 was better the first time I saw it though (as nothing was surprising this time around), but it was fun to hang out, eat good food and have a huge sleepover. I drove my friends home about two hours ago, and now my plans are to start working on a briefing book about deforestation in Thailand (for one of my classes) and study for a quiz I have on Thursday. Later I’m making lasagna for dinner! mmmm : )

Hope you enjoy the rest of your Sunday! ♥

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