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The End of Line

March 15, 2012

I watched this movie in class today. As a Global Studies major many of my classes deal with sustainability issues.

The End of the Line is a powerful film about one of the world’s most disturbing problems; over-fishing. Advances in fishing technology mean whole species of wild fish are under threat and the most important stocks we eat are predicted to be in a state of collapse by 2050.

The film points a finger at those to blame, and shows what we can do about it. This is not just a film, it is also a campaign – for sustainable consumption of fish, for marine protected areas to allow the sea to recover, and for ethical, responsible fishing.

I have been fascinated by the ocean since I was a kid, and I will definitely be more cautious next time I visit the supermarket, a seafood restaurant, or a sushi place.

While in the supermarket, look for labels on your seafood telling where it really came from and if it stems from a certified,  sustainable source. Have a closer look at the menu the next time you visit a restaurant – or simply ask them where they get their seafood from!

Together I truly believe we can change our behavior, and we owe it to the next generations to do something about it today.

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