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Last night

March 11, 2012

Last night me and some of my girlfriends attended the annual fashion show that our school’s PR Club hosts to collect donations for the YWCA emergency shelter.

I brought some things that I thought I could give away. I recently cleaned out my closet and donated it to the Salvation Army though, so I only had two pieces of clothing left that I felt I could give away. However, I had plenty of hygiene products that I never came around to use, some new wash cloths, towels, pillows and blankets,  and a lot of leftover candy from Halloween!

Christopher Straub of Project Runway was the host, which was very fun! There was also raffle tickets given out for all the donations, and a lot of door prizes from stores like Maurices, Vanity, The Bridal Shop, and Hornbachers were given out during the show.

Here are a few pictures:

We had an after-party at me, my boyfriend’s and our room-mate’s place after, then ended up at a house party before having late night pizza back at our place around 4am. Fun times! Some of our friends crashed here, and we made good breakfast this morning and tacos around 6 pm, before they left.

It’s been a very chill day today, recovering from last night’s adventures! Very much appreciated though 🙂

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